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Nubra Valley

Nubra, also known as Dumra, is a former kingdom in the Indian state of Ladakh and is now a tehsil (administrative division) in the Leh district. The Nubra and Shyok rivers divide the inhabited regions of the valley into three separate sections. The Tibetan word for “valley of flowers” is “Dumra,” which is what the locals call it. There have been calls for a new district to be established in Nubra, and the BJP has even hinted at the possibility. Nubra’s administrative centre, Diskit, is located in northern Ladakh, some 120 kilometres from the regional capital, Leh.

The valley between the Ladakh and Karakoram Mountains is formed when the Shyok River and the Nubra River (or Siachan River) converge. You can find the Shyok river flowing into the Indus River. The valley is located at an average elevation of over 10,000 feet (over 3,000 metres) above sea level. Getting to this valley from Leh typically involves crossing the Khardung La pass.

Visitors from outside the country need a permit to enter the protected region of Nubra. Indian nationals have needed an Inner Line Permit since 1 April 2017 to visit the country.