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Spiti Valley

Spiti valley is a mountainous area in the northeastern corner of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. When translated literally, “Spiti” means “The midway land,” which refers to the region that lies between Tibet and India. Spiti is made up of the valley of the Spiti River as well as the valleys of the other rivers that empty into it. The Pin Valley and the Lingti Valley are two of the most well-known tributaries of Spiti. Geographically, Spiti is bounded by Tibet to the east, Ladakh to the north, Lahaul to the west and southwest, Kullu to the south, and Kinnaur to the southeast. The desert climate of Spiti is chilly. As a whole, the valley and its environs are sparsely populated compared to the rest of India. Buddhist teachings from Tibet have been adopted by the local Bhoti-speaking community.

The purpose of farming has changed from subsistence to commercial in recent decades. Trekking, mountaineering, and other forms of adventure travel are extremely common in Spiti. The popularity of winter sports continues to rise.